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Film Reel


a film directed by Craig Singer

Social Media Intern

  • Work with director, assistant directors, and producers to improve the film’s social media presence

  • Use Illustrator create designs for the grid

  • Use Adobe Premiere Pro to cut video content for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

  • Pitch content ideas for the cast and crew to create for social media

  • Research and contact podcasts to collaborate with cast and crew members

Volunteer Experience

St. Abanoub & St. Antonious Church

Save the Children of the Developing World

CarePoint Health Bayonne Medical Center   

City Street

Social Media & SEO Intern

  • Concepting and schedule daily social media content

  • Producing video and image content assets

  • Engaging with targeted audiences on social media platforms

  • Tracking and analyzing social media growth and engagement metrics

  • Answering questions and community management of social media audience

Extracurricular Activities

HerCampus- Rutgers Chapter

Rutgers Film Production Club

My Complete Resume (PDF)


ViacomCBS Multicultural Media Summit (Attendee)

IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop (Attendee)

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Neo Elite

Video Content Intern

  • Assist with logistics ensuring that all projects are coordinated on-time

  • Assist with developing and maintaining project plans, timelines and documentation.

  • Assist in the end-to-end process from storyboarding to logistics to shooting to editing and publishing 

  • Use existing original and stock footage to produce new videos (if and/or when necessary)

  • Contribute to mixing and editing to create polished and engaging videos

  • Assist any necessary team members with executing tasks involving content for The Neo Elite clients, brands, or artists associated with the The Neo Elite brand.


T Howard Foundation

Final Talent Pool Member

Hand Holding a Camera

Mason Gross School of the Arts


  • Set-up of Canon XA10 and shotgun microphone

  • Conduct soundcheck

  • Record lectures

  • Edit videos and upload them to YouTube

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