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Screenplay Specs

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Julie and the Phantoms

True as the fleeting feeling of freedom

Are the ones left for dead

By the people that rule the country 

That we put our hand over our heart to pledge.


Number 45 helping the wealthy ones thrive

But leave the homeless on the streets to fend for their lives


Where do we draw the line?

People on the streets are more exposed

But they’re bringing tests to Beverly hills 

when there are more cases in Melrose


45 refuses to acknowledge this virus is more than medical

It’s indefensible, metaphysical

Exceptional, but detectable

But let me put this bluntly

Their ignorance is the virus that runs through the veins

Of the body of this country


Everyone covering for shelter

Folks sleeping on vacant subway seats

Leaving the once lively city a ghost town 

Plagued with empty streets

Empty Streets

A vision

Turned into an idea        

And into a reality


See, you don’t know the vision just yet 

But, frustration and action extended to an outlet that led people like me to start a culture.

A culture that sets a path to be controversial, to be outlandish, to force change. 


The vision is risk.


It’s a movement.

It’s coming together for one goal: to motivate and support others to follow their passion no matter the barrier.

Because what we don’t do will hurt more than failure ever will. 


Risk is valuable.

Risk tells me I shouldn’t be doing something, 

but I have the power to say “screw it”.

I’m doing it. 


And this is me doing it. 

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