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Did the Liberal Media Dictate the Outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election?

Social media plays a large part in the opinions of millions in first-world nations. Cellular devices or computers are almost always at hand resulting in an easy exposure to articles and videos on the internet that can distort the views of the public. Websites such as the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times oftentimes display more liberal views and are some of the most popular, most commercial, and most marketable news websites in the nation, according to, an online business analyst. Popular platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr usually exhibit liberal views, especially in the 2016 election, with users oftentimes attacking the Republican candidate and conservative perspectives. With social media being at hand, the notions of individuals can be contorted by the views of the media. As an individual who is indifferent to the views of both presidential candidates, it is safe to state that the media leans toward the liberal side of issues.

Television networks such as NBC and CBS clearly depict their liberal views in various forms such as comedy shows and the news. The famous American television program Saturday Night Live, for example, openly demostrates their views in their comedic sketches. In their “Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open” sketch, they clearly depict who they prefer when they jokingly say, “Republican candidate Donald Trump… and President Hillary Clinton.” Their preference can easily manipulate the audience to vote for Clinton because she is predicted to win the election by an influential television program. The perspectives exhibited by the media and popular programs, such as SNL, manipulate the audiences into voting for who they constantly see praised. In the media, Donald Trump is bashed for his poor rhetoric and his bigoted attitude. Although Clinton is very often targeted for her issues with the Benghazi situation, the email scandal, and all the lies and fallacies in her plans and arguments, Trump is targeted much more often for his antics and scandals. In addition, Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton had the advantage of the endorsements of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Beyoncè, and Tyler Oakley. These individuals hold so much power in the minds of the public today, especially younger voters.

Moreover, it is not only television that contains a public bias toward liberalism, it also exists everywhere on the internet. The largest difference between the bias on television and the bias on internet is that sometimes internet users do not blatantly state their opinions. Many individuals on the internet, especially YouTubers, subtly hint at who they are voting for by degrading the other candidate. For instance, a creator can use their influence to encourage their audience to go vote, however, they tend to follow up by stating that they do not want an “orange bigot” to run the nation. They vaguely imply that they support Hillary by degrading the other candidate and encourage their audience to do and believe the same. These individuals voluntarily and indirectly mention their desired candidate. Generations today are more vulnerable to be persuaded by powerful individuals in the media who tell them to have a certain perspective; this inexcusable ignorance can lead the nation to a destructive and conformist state. It denies the facts that Hillary Clinton only states what the people want to hear. This ignorance results in the people losing their voice because they let the media decide and speak for them. Although Donald Trump is not a good choice, the people should continue to have an opinion and vote for who they prefer, not who they believe they should vote for. Both candidates are equally terrible, for distinct reasons, however, one candidate cannot win solely because citizens were persuaded to vote for one and not the other.

Although liberal media is predominant in the industry, there are a handful of conservative media outlets attempting to balance everything out. Popular websites such as Fox News, Townhall, and the Wall Street Journal are examples. There are not nearly as many popular conservative websites, however. Conservative media does the same to Hillary Clinton as the liberal media does to Donald Trump: both bash the other candidate. An individual with no party preference is more vulnerable to what they see in the media. These individuals tend to choose based on the candidate's past and views. Conservative channels and platforms display negativity towards Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton, changing the minds of independents who follow conservative media. Similarly, independents who prefer liberal media are more exposed to negativity toward Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Liberal media, however, is more favorable and marketable. Although Donald Trump won the electoral votes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, possibly proving the media’s influence on the minds of the people as a factor in determining the outcome of the election.

Although America will suffer regardless of which candidate won, it is important to note that the votes of the individuals should not be based on what a celebrity told them. These individuals in the media use their influence on any platform to state their views. Liberal media dominates the industry and fails to expose the people to more conservative views. This led to one of the major surprises of the elections: people who only focused on the liberal media were shocked by the reality that millions around the United States had turned to the more conservative party for any form of change. Some individuals do not identify with one party or another, and those are the individuals that are most vulnerable to the media’s persuasion. People believe what they see online and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which often hold false information. Clinton was not trusted by millions around the nation, and throughout his campaign, Donald Trump was a biased, racist bigot with a dubious slogan. With liberal media consistently in sight, Clinton gained supporters that may have only favored her because their favorite celebrity told them to do so.

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