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Headphones in, the world fades. The barrier between my inner self and the busy, disconcerting world is a simple pair of plain, white earbuds. Though small, this barrier has a quintessential job and fulfills this job more efficiently than any other outlet. Essentially, I soundtrack my life and my headphones have been my trusted sidekick for 17 years, refusing to let me leave my house without them. This inseparable relationship between myself and my headphones helps me reveal my best self and allows me to live in serenity in this unfocused, anxiety driven world.

Music is the therapy of the soul and mind. This metaphor reigns true in any subject, in any form. In everything—movies, television, and any other art forms—music is present to accentuate the storyline or purpose of that art. Music makes the ineffable, effable; it is its own language, understandable to anyone, regardless of where in the world they are. Through its universal ability to communicate with its listeners, music is powerful; any emotion can shine through it, even those emotions which cannot easily be described.

This metaphor is not only the pinnacle of my thinking as an artist, but it is also crucial to my work as an artist. As a dancer, performer, and content creator, music is imperative to any art form and helps reveal the story it inspires. In dance, the music holds hands with the choreography and the two continue in harmony with each other, each revealing what the other does not. In short films, or small video projects, the music in the background drives the emotion behind the narrative. Music, in and of itself, is its own art and has the ability to strike listeners with emotions in ways that nothing else can.

I have found a love in editing music tracks to construct my own unique sound. Creating a story, by using snippets of other stories, develops a mosaic of perspective; the different stories come from different people who see the world through different lenses. The one piece of music that I create forms a new narrative altogether by connecting various, unrelated stories together in harmony.

Music is the therapy of the soul and mind and, through it, a listener’s anxieties are alleviated as they enter a state of mind unachievable by means of other art forms. In my life and work, which are often inseparable, music and dance go hand-in-hand forming the best alleviations to my stresses. By pairing these two arts together, the result is insurmountable when compared to any other art form and equally as indescribable.

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