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Hypocritical Much, Donald?

Donald Trump won, America. Really. Which means someone should really take away his twitter account. This social media thing is not working out for you, Donald. In 2012, Trump went on a twitter rage explaining how the electoral college is a “disaster”, shortly following the results of the 2012 presidential election. This in itself is a bit puzzling, since President Obama had won both the popular vote and the electoral vote, and thus the electoral college did not really go against the will of the people. Now, you may be asking yourself: didn’t Trump win because of the electoral college? Yes, yes he did. Let’s take a look at what he tweeted in 2012

Of course, the electoral college and Trump became best of friends as soon as that system allowed him to win the election. Here is what he tweeted following election night:

Well, there you have it folks. Is the electoral college a “disaster for democracy” or is it “genius”? The world may never know...

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